Thursday, October 16, 2014

The First Great Lesson: How the Universe and Earth Came to Be

When a child noticed on Tuesday that I was wearing all black and I said it was for a reason,
the excitement began to brew. They had a suspicion, could it be...The First Great Lesson?!
It was! The children are so excited by these impressionistic, dramatic, big picture, stories
that we tell every year. The lessons are meant to spark curiosity, to engender big questions
and send everyone running to find out more.

Born with a Bang, Book One: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story
This is a wonderful telling of The First Great Lesson.
One day I'd love us to do a play based on this story.
Can you just imagine? 
The Big Bang! Time and space begin.

The stars illuminate and form into galaxies.

The large ball is our sun. Can you see the tiny golden bead that represents our earth?

Our fiery earth is born.
Heavier particles sink furthest into our earth's core. Lighter ones rise to the top.

Molten lava pushes up through the earth's thin crust forming mighty volcanoes spewing lava and gases.
Solids, liquids and gases. Water hits the fiery lava and evaporates forming steam, condensation and finally rain. It rains for billions of years.
Everyone wanted a turn at making the volcano erupt!


We leave our watery earth to study more about our universe, our galaxy, and our
solar system. We have so many questions and so much imagining to do!


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